Monday, December 8, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright!!!

Today started by playing blocks. What big towers all the kids love to build. After our morning routine of pledge, weather, and calendar we sang our fun star song.
"A Star"
Points that go around
We wish upon you in the sky
But never on the ground.
No, never on the ground.
Next we played freeze dance around our stars. We hopped on them, jumped from point to point, marched, slid, and froze on the star.Then we danced just inside the star and then just on the outside.
We then read Corduroy's Christmas Surprise. First Miss Laura asked the children what they could remember about the book was and what their favorite part was.
Paper candy canes were decorated next so we could add them to our Christmas book. This is the second of six pages that will complete our Christmas fun books. Look for these to come home December 18th. We also read the finished pages of the book so the kids can be familiar with it.

After snack time we had circle time. Today we used our review bags. These bags were filled with numbers and letters. The kids took turns drawing a card out of the bag. Then they either told us what number it was and counted the pictures, or told us the letter and sound.

They loved this and what a great thing you can do at home with them. Get some flashcards and put them in a bag and you have an instant game!!!

  • Is it Red or Green? This is a fun way for the kids to draw out an object and tell us if is red or green. Then they put them in the red pile or the green pile.
    Here is Cade really digging for what he wants!

    Mary-Kate picked a green wrist band. She is eyeing the green pile!

    After our basket was empty we then colored our worksheet. There was a Christmas tree, an apple, Santa, and a frog.

    Before playtime started Miss Laura got out fun book that had a CD to go along with. It was a cute book that had us singing and dancing. Each page had a different animal, its sound, and and a movement. What fun we had moving and shaking today!!!

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