Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Is My Mother?

We started our morning matching these animal pieces with the correct mother/baby combo. The kids loved to find the baby and learn its name. They especially enjoyed the baby goat because it's called a kid!!

Thank you for wishing Mrs. Amber a Happy Birthday! What great singing voices all of you have.

We also put pig puzzles together. This was great practice to cut and or find the matching picture for our pieces to fit on. We also colored pictures that matched up our baby animals with their correct mother. Before play time we sang BINGO and they did so good with the clapping and eliminating the letters. They liked BINGO so much we sang again while we waited for snack!!

During circle time we played 'shake the bag' so we could review all of our letters and letter sounds we learned this month. We sang our letter sound song accompanied with our sign and reviewed some words that begin with that letter.

Each month we will learn three new letters with its sound and sign. A new shape will be introduced as well as a number and two colors.

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