Thursday, October 2, 2008

Martin's Farm!!!!

Today was the big day, our first field trip this year and we were all so excited. But before we went to the Martin's farm we did some fun activities. We had big barn animal stamps that we put all around our our farm houses. We were able to review some animal noises while we stamped.

We also played I spy using only the colors blue and red. This was a great way to review our two colors we had learned for the month. We sang our ABC's and pointed out the letters and sounds again for A,M,and G.

Kayli and Taylee, our newest pre-school buddies shared their All About Me Bags. This is so fun to watch them share special things about themselves. They have such a smile when they get to show their favorite things.

We wanted to say thank you to all of you for the effort made to go on this field trip. We know that it was a bit hot and perhaps a little crazy, but the kids loved it!!!!!! That is all that matters!!! We enjoyed seeing their excitement and we look forward to another field trip. I kept all of these on here because they are too cute to erase. I am not sure if all of you had a camera but Miss Laura got some great pictures so enjoy!!! They are so cute. :)

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