Monday, November 3, 2008

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!!!

Today was so fun and we were all ready to celebrate Halloween. We started our morning connecting our dot-to-dot Jolly Pumpkin and then colored him. Next was calendar, weather, and the pledge. After the pledge we sang Five Little Pumpkins.

We then read this book called The Perfect Little Monster by Judy Hindsley. If you have not read it then please do, the kids loved it. In the story the little monster makes these great faces that we all copied. Look at our very own little monsters!!

We had fun trick-or-treat bags that we colored.

And here they are posing with black and orange shirts and new Halloween bags. What a cute class they are!! We also reviewed trick-or-treating rules so we can be safe while out on Halloween. We talked about what candy is good to eat and what candy could be unsafe. We must always ask an adult before we eat any candy, and we do not go into someones house we do not know.

Next we practiced trick-or-treating and everyone got a turn to knock on the door and see Miss Laura's happy face. The kids sure did good and remembered to say thank you.

Snack time was a real tReAt today. Miss Laura had sugar cookies to frost. Everyone got to frost their own cookie with orange frosting and black sprinkles. Apples were a good healthy addition to our sweet tooth!!

After snack we all made Tootsie pop ghosts. These and the treat from knocking on Miss Laura's door were the first treats in our new Halloween bags. Next in circle time we placed the correct number of pumpkin seeds that corresponded to the number on the pumpkin.

We saved the best for last today. We played pass the pumpkin before it was playtime and we had a blast. Miss Amber hit the tambourine and Miss Laura then passed the pumpkin to the beat. It took a few minutes for the kids to see how fast or slow the pumpkin was passed depended on the beat. After a few tries they got it and the fun began. Miss Amber went slow at first and then sped it up. We giggled and giggled while the pumpkin was passed. When the beat stopped and if you had the pumpkin in hand you got the chance to stand and take a bow.

Today was so beautiful and we have been wanting the kids to play outside so it was a great day to start. We hopefully will start having them play outside one day a week during playtime.

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Kates said...

Now I know where MK got the phrase, "take a bow!" she has been telling me that for a few day now. LOL. You guys are the best!