Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Native American's and Pilgrim's

This morning after calendar and weather we had a Turkey Finger play and it goes like this.

There was a turkey, very fat(spread hands to make fat turkey)

Who loved to gobble, gobble.

But when he'd make that funny sound.

His head would wobble, wobble!(bob head up and down)

He loves to spread his tail out wide(spread fingers on hands)

His wattle is so bright,(stroke neck)

Between the wobble and the wattle,

He's such a funny sight!

We then all got up and walked around the room like turkeys strutting our stuff and showing off our wattle!!

Next we read The Night Before Thanksgiving http://www.amazon.com/Night-Before-Thanksgiving-Reading-Railroad/dp/0448425297 by Natasha Wing. What a great, great, fun book to have. A few ways to read a book with your child and really intensify the learning are as follow(using this book as a reference)

  • Prior Knowledge- What is Thanksgiving? How do you celebrate?
  • Front cover- what do you think it will be about?
  • Read title
  • Quick picture walk through the book before you begin to read
  • READ
  • What happened? Favorite Part?

  • Re-read with actions

Next we learned some facts about Native Americans. When the pilgrims landed in America there were people that lived there already. These people dressed differently, talked differently, and lived differently. They were called Native Americans. A Native American named Squanto became friends with pilgrims and he helped them talk with their Wampanoag neighbors and sign a peace treaty. He also taught the pilgrims how to farm corn, beans, and pumpkin. He taught them how to hunt for bears, deer, and turkey, and how to fish and dig for clams. He also taught them how to gather berries and plant their own crops using the land.

After learning some fun facts we made Native American headpieces and necklaces.

Here are our little Wampanoag's and a fun song we sang together!

1 little, 2 little, 3 Wampanoag

4 little, 5 little, 6 Wampanoag

7 little, 8 little, 9 Wampanoag

10 Wampanoag hunting turkey.

Tyler working so hard on his necklace.

Corey showing his head piece.

Kayli is one cute little Wampanoag!!!

We then had circle time to review our #'s, ABC's, and shapes. We also introduced a new letter today, the letter Tt. We looked at a few pictures that begin with the letter Tt to help for recognition. Then we colored the Tt picture to add to our alphabet folders.

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