Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Soup! Yum!!Yum!!!

Welcome Activity-File Folders
LBQ-Can you name something black? Orange?

Weather, still sunny and windy!!!! Calendar, days of the week and the pledge always start our morning right!!

We read Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper again and everyone stirred really well and we all tasted our class pumpkin soup!! Miss Laura got some great pictures. I told you we would make up for Tuesday:)

After snack we finished our jack-o-lanterns we painted on Tuesday. They sure did a good job of remembering where the parts of a face go!

We also did a fun Bag-O-Bones worksheet working on matching shapes. The kids had a small bag of candy bones that they put on their paper. Then they sorted them onto the matching bone picture using the candy to place on top. They thought this was so cool and did really good, they only ate a few before we even started!!!

For fundamentals we colored Is It Orange? review page. Their were four total pictures with two being orange and two being black. Their was a picture of an orange, bat, pumpkin, and a cat.

Next we all came to the floor to review our letters we have learned for this month. These letters are Hh, Nn, and Pp. We reviewed each letter for recognition, sound, and sign. Each child drew a card with a picture on it and then they were to place it under the correct letter.

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