Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fly Like a Butterfly!!

Today was a day filled with flying and butterfly wishes! We all pretended to be a beautiful butterfly that could fly around the sky. We would stop on a flower for food, or follow the wind up to the top of a tree!

Our morning class welcomed Ian, although most of the kids recognized him. Ian was in our afternoon class and just made the transfer to morning for the last month left of school this year.

Pledge/ Weather/ Calendar followed our pretend butterfly flight!

We sang our rectangle song and then used our bodies to make a rectangle. Our shape was a bit more recognizable in the a.m. pictures because of the class size. But no matter the size we did it and sang our song!! They love this song and I would be surprised if they had not been singing part of it or doing the hand movements for you at home. Are any of you able to sing the rectangle song by heart yet????:)

Next we read It's a Butterfly's Life, by Irene Kelly. This book is almost too full of information about butterflies to cover in one day with pre-school age kids. It is a great book I picked up through Scholastic books. I get so many great books through my daughter Zoe's school, but anyone can go to and order.

After reading and talking about our favorite part, which by the way did you know a butterfly can taste a cupcake by standing on top of it, we made a butterfly. We painted coffee filters with water paints and then let them dry. We did not get time to finish them today and so on Tuesday they will be completed. Before snack we opened our Butterfly books and to do page 2. This time we colored a fence and a doll. We then glued our butterflies below the fence and above the doll. This is great for the kids to practice pointing to the spot before they glue their butterfly there. We all point to the words that are under the pictures and read aloud together. So many say but I can't read, but with repetition they should be able to read this book. After we completed page 2 we read the all the pages we had now finished.

Fundamentals today were reviewing our ABC's and some of the sounds that a letter makes. We introduced the letter Bb to our a.m. class and reviewed it with our p.m. class.

The Letter Bb to the tune of Frere Jacques The letter B. The letter B. (make ASL sign for letter, showing one hand then the other)Has a sound. Has a sound. (bring 1 hand to ear and then the other hand to the other ear)What sound do you make? What sound do you make? (palms facing up, shrug shoulders)/b /b/ /b/! /b/ /b/ /b/! (Make ASL sign for letter, move hand forward and backward for each sound)

We then read a great book to introduce the letter BB. The Berenstain's B Book. What a hard book to read, well it is after a few times!!!! Miss Laura was having a good laugh at my expense!!


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