Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hippity Hoppity!! Easter is Here!!

We wanted to first welcome Caleb and Taryn to our afternoon class. They are both a great addition to our group and we are happy to have them!!

This morning was the start of a new month which means new fundamentals to learn. We started our day with our educational fun folders. These are folders with matching numbers, shapes, letters, and colors inside for practice.

It's time for the learning box, it's time for the learning box, let's gather 'round and all sit down it's time for the learning box. This short song is the cue for the kids to stop doing their welcoming activity and clean up so that school may start. It is really great in transitioning them into the start of our day. Our LBQ(learning box question) What is your favorite Easter treat? (chocholate eggs, bunnies and candy were a few of the answers!)

Pledge/ Weather/ Calendar are always next.

After calendar I had the new cards in my hand and had the kids draw one for us to learn about. First we looked at the colors pink and orange and had someone find an item in the room one of these colors.

Next we drew the number nine and played follow the leader. We all stand in a circle and whoever is wearing the number nine gets to pick something to do nine times(clap, jump, spin, hop on one foot, roll, nod).

Our shape this month is a rectangle. Our song goes like this,

Two sides are short(hands in close), Two sides are long(hands spread out)

This makes our shape very strong(flex muscles)

It's a rectanlge that's it's name(draw shape in air)

All the sides are not the same(nod finger and head to say no)

AABB is our new pattern for the month. We always do a body movement to help the kids understand what a pattern is. For example,

  • clap, clap, touch head, touch head(4x)

  • clap, clap, pat legs, pat legs(4x)

  • touch floor, touch floor, shoulder, shoulder(4x)

  • clap, clap, touch head, touch head (ending where we started)

We then read, The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. What a classic story and is always a kid favorite. After reading the story and discussing our favorite parts we colored an Easter bunny of our own.

The last fundamental of the day introduced the letter Ee and its sound.
The Letter Ee
to the tune of Frere JacquesThe letter E. The letter E. (make ASL sign for letter, showing one hand then the other)Has a sound. Has a sound. (bring 1 hand to ear and then the other hand to the other ear)What sound do you make? What sound do you make? (palms facing up, shrug shoulders)/e /e/ /e/! /e/ /e/ /e/! (Make ASL sign for letter, move hand forward and backward for each sound)

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