Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jumpin Jelly Beans!!!

Our morning started with a bunny hop dance off!! We all jumped our very best bunny hop to Little Bunny Fu Fu!! The kids love to dance and I can tell they get a lot of practice at home with all of you!!!

LBQ- Are you going anywhere for Easter?

Pledge/ Weather/ Calendar

Next we sang our Jelly Belly song from Tuesday that the kids loved so much, what a tongue twister!!

This morning we also sang a wonderful song called Hippity- Hoppity Easter( to the tune of Eensy Weensy Spider)

The Hippity-Hoppity Easter Bunny is coming straight at me.

Closer and closer he hops upon my knee.

Up to my shoulder the Bunny's much to near.

Happy Easter, he whispers in my ear.
After singing we moved on to read a cute, short book called Little Duckling's Colorful Easter by Eleanor Hudson. This book was full of colorful pages with raised glitter on the pictures. The kids loved to feel the pages as we discussed the colors and flowers that Little Duckling picked for her mother. We suggested that maybe all of them so kindly see if their dad's would help them pick Easter flowers for mom. Did anyone get a bouquet of beautiful flowers?
Next we incorporated our jelly belly beans into our math for the day. We had a jelly bean sheet that had a different color in each line with numerous jelly bean shapes on the line. First we had everyone find the matching crayon and underlined the name of the color. After they knew which colors matched the words, they received a small cup full of colored jelly beans. Next they were to match up the jelly beans with the line that was the same color. At the end we asked for them to point out the line with the most jelly beans, and the one with the least. Most of them understood this and were able to point out the line with the most. And at the end they were so happy because they each ate a jelly bean from their longest line.
Snack time is always fun, loud but fun. They all seen to make noises with their snack and somehow whatever they are eating comes to life!!
After snack we had a blank rabbit drawing that was missing something so important, a face!! We talked about what was missing and how important all the parts on our face were. The kids said he or she needed two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Some said he/she needed eyebrows, earrings, cheeks, and lipstick! Kids are so cute!!!
Lastly, before our Easter egg hunt could start we needed to review our Fundamentals. We counted to nine, sang our rectangle song, practiced our AA BB pattern, and found pink and orange items around the room.
The kids were so excited for the Easter egg hunt and it was so fun to watch them scatter so fast to look for them. These pictures don't show enough of their excitement, it was so fun!!!!

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