Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fishy Tales

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today as the children arrived they laced up a diamond.

After calendar we learned a poem that reinforced counting back from 5.

Five Little Shells

Five little shells lying on the shore,
Crash went the waves! Then there were four.
Four little shells, down by the sea,
Crash went the waves! Then there were three.
Three little shells, smooth and new,
Crash went the waves! Then there were two.
Two little shells, sparkling in the sun,
Crash went the waves! Then there was one.
One little shell, all by itself,
I took it home and put it on my shelf.

The kids had so much fun clapping their hands for every 'Crash!' and taking the shells away one at a time.
Then we read Fishy Tales by Linda B. Gambrell. It is a non-fiction story about animals that live in the sea.
After that we talked about crabs. The kids learned to do the crab walk! For some it was more of a scoot, but everyone gave it great effort. :) And we made a crab out of our handprints.
After snack we reviewed colors and shapes. Then we counted and made a number card with the number 8, the word 'eight', and eight "starfish".

Next we introduced Oo. We learned the ASL sign and sang our Oo song and colored a picture for our alphabet books.
The Letter Oo
to the tune of Frere Jacques
The letter O. The letter O. (make ASL sign for letter, showing one hand then the other)
Has a sound. Has a sound. (bring 1 hand to ear and then the other hand to the other ear)
What sound do you make? What sound do you make? (palms facing up, shrug shoulders)
/o/ /o/ /o/! /o/ /o/ /o/! (Make ASL sign for letter, move hand forward and backward for each sound)

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Austyn, Neely and Tyler said...

Tyler has been singing the wave crashing song all day! It's so cute! You guys are doing AWESOME!!!