Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something is FiShY!!!

We started off our morning sorting our color bears and lacing our shapes.
Our LBQ- Can you name something that lives in the ocean? Lots of answers were sharks, dolphins, and whales. After a little discussion we named sea horse, turtle, and starfish.
Next was the morning pledge/ weather/ and calendar. All of the kids are getting so good at reciting the pledge, it is so special to hear them.

Today is freeze dance day and the kids get so excited when they see the tape on the floor. They know just what this means, dancing time!!!! After the calendar we all make our way to the tape shape!! This month we are learning about a diamond. We walked forward and backwards, jumped, slide, crawled, marched, and anything else we can think of on, in, and outside of the diamond.

Next we read Somewhere in the Ocean, by Jennifer Ward and T.J. Marsh. This is a great counting book and really engages the children. This in another book worth investing in and having in your home library.

After reading and all picking their favorite animal from the book we moved on to make our own fishes. We had a shape of a fish traced and cut and ready to decorate. Each child got to paint on a layer of glue and water before pasting a variety of tissue paper to their fish. This was fun for them to choose the colors they wanted their fish to be and our only directions were to cover the whole fish and try to spread the paper out flat.

After our fish were done we moved on to snack time! Thanks for all the great snacks being brought, even when your snack day might be a day your child misses. We appreciate it!!

For fundamentals today we reviewed the letter Ff and the picture cards with objects starting with the letter Ff. I also asked them to smile if the words I said started with the Ff sound, or frown if not. These included; fish, rock, fan, food, shark, and ocean.

We ended our fundamentals playing Is it yellow? Is it green? I had each child pull an object out of my bag and tell me what color it was. We made a yellow pile and a green one. And then it was time to play!!!!!!!!!

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