Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WE love the OcEan!!

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Today we celebrated Sarah's 5th birthday and she was so excited! She even wanted to wear the crown for a bit, she wore it like a princess!

Our welcome activity today was puzzles.

LBQ- What fun things can you do in the ocean?

Pledge / Weather/ Calendar

Next we sang once again our Five Little Shells song.

Five little shells lying on the shore,
Crash went the waves! Then there were four.
Four little shells, down by the sea,
Crash went the waves! Then there were three.
Three little shells, smooth and new,
Crash went the waves! Then there were two.
Two little shells, sparkling in the sun,
Crash went the waves! Then there was one.
One little shell, all by itself,
I took it home and put it on my shelf.

We then read Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway.

Next we learned some fun facts about sting rays.

  • cousins to the sharks
  • 200 species
  • 2kinds -benthic, or bottom rays that are rounded in shape and pelagic, or swimming rays that are bat shaped.
  • the benthic rays eat mainly worms, clams, shrimp, crabs, and snails
  • the pelagic rays mainly eat plankton and a few of the small animals listed above
  • not all sting rays sting, such as the butterfly or devil rays.
  • After learning some new facts about sting rays it was time for our craft project. Today we made a sting ray and decorated it with spots, eyes, and some spikes on the tail!

    We then reviewed our letter Oo cards and sang our Oo song. We also reviewed words that might or might not start with the letter Oo. This is great to see how much sound recognition they might have for the letters. If the word does start with an Oo then they simply smile. If not then they will give me a big frown.

    Is it 8? First we play the game together on the white board and then we all move on to doing our own cutting, counting, and gluing.

    Playtime and clean-up! What a fun day!! We love our pre-school and we hope the kids are sharing all the fun things we do with you at home! Thanks!!!

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