Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BUgs in YouR BackYarD!

Today we started with puzzles and learning folders. This is a great way to start our morning!
LBQ? What is your favorite bug? Why?
Most of the kids said that ladybugs were their favorite. Why? Because they were pretty and crawled on you and tickled your arm!! I wonder if I had brought in a pill bug if that would have been the number one answer.


We next went in and marched to the tune, Ants Go Marching One by One! It was such a cute song and they all marched with so much energy and excitement!! The pictures posted here are great and show some of their great expressions.
Next we read a short, sight word reader book called Bugs in Your Backyard. The author is Rozanne Lancaaz Williams and the illustrator is Bernard Adnet. This is a great book to also practice counting. The pages were filled with cute drawings of different bugs you might find in a backyard.
After reading a book we went and did page 5 in our Butterfly books. We also reviewed our two colors for the month, pink and orange. A great way we review our colors is to do our Is it Orange? Is it Pink? worksheet. We have four objects on the paper, two that are one color and two that are the other. We discuss the colors that match the object and then color them in accordingly.
  • Abc's(recognition and letter sound)
  • Shape
  • AABB(pattern)
  • #9

After counting to nine and recognizing the number we played Is It 9? This is first done on the white board together and then we have a worksheet that we do as a class. The sheet is great practice for cutting, counting, following directions, gluing.


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