Monday, May 11, 2009

Dinosaurs, ROAR!!!!!

May 7th

Today we had camera difficulties again so only one picture is posted. And as you can see it is a great picture!! Well the kids sure loved it!! We are talking about dinosaurs and the kids are mostly fascinated, although a few say they are grossed out, and one or two are a little scared. Most of these books and dinosaurs are from Cade's personal collection and we are happy he so eagerly wanted to share.

Our morning started with blocks. The kids usually work well together and create some interesting buildings.

LBQ- What dinosaur would you be and why?
This was really fun today because of the toy dinosaurs we had in the room. This allowed the children to really see what they might like or dislike about a dinosaur.

Some interesting dinosaur facts we discussed are:
  • they are extinct
  • smallest species was the size of a chicken
  • the biggest ones were bigger than the biggest whales
  • lived 65 million years ago
  • Dinosaur means "terrible'' or "fearfully great", "lizard" or "reptile"

Next we sang a great song called 5 Crazy Dinosaurs-

5 crazy Dinosaurs sweeping the floor 1 got swept away, then there were four

4 crazy Dinosaurs chased by a bee, 1 got stung, then there were 3

3 crazy Dinosaurs playing with glue, 1 got stuck, then there were 2

2 crazy Dinosaurs out for a run 1 fell down, then there was 1

1 crazy Dinosaur acting like a hero He went out to save the others, then there were zero

After our song we read Meet the Dinosaurs by DK Publishing. This is the same book that Miss Laura read last class.

Next we made our very own dinosaurs! Our shoeseratops!! Using the kids foot as an outline we traced each of their footprints onto paper. Then we had only two requirements, a head and a tail needed to be on their dinosaur. After that they could design and decorate however they wanted. We decided we will do more of this next year. They need to have more freedom in their art projects so they can be more creative. They loved this and they turned out so cute, we of course personalized each dinosaur and named them in their honor!!!




Reviewed the letter Dd using object cards with pictures of items that begin with the letter Dd.

Lastly before we could play we had a tracer page to complete. Every student had a page with their name on it to trace. This is something that you child could practice over the summer break. Go on-line and print off their name and have them practice tracing it again and again.

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