Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dino Ditty!!!!!!!!

May 14

Happy Birthday Mary-Kate!! Today she turned 4 and we celebrated in style! She brought yummy birthday doughnuts and we sang to her. She was so excited to turn 4 and we hope she had a fun day!

This morning we colored a dinosaur picture for our welcoming activity. This is our last dinosaur day and we have had so much fun learning all about dinosaurs. Some of the kids like Cade, Tyler, and Cameron might be sad we are done. Others like Mary-Kate, Sadie, and Sarah might be happy.
Our LBQ- Can you act like a dinosaur? We got a few great pictures here of the kids being such loud and scary dinosaurs! It was great to see how they moved around and growled at each other.


Next we acted out our Hiding Dinosaur poem.

Dinosaur, Dinosaur, where can you be?
Hiding behind me (hands behind back)
Where you cannot see,
Now you see one. (bring out one hand)
It's waiting for you.
Here comes another, (bring out other hand)
And now you see two!!

We also sang The Dino Ditty-

Here he comes just a stomping with his feet
Singing Dino, ditty, ditty-dum, ditty do
Searching all around for something to eat
Singing Dino, ditty, ditty-dum, ditty do
He's huge(echo). He's strong(echo) He's huge, he's strong.
Won't be hungry very long
Dino ditty, ditty-dum, ditty do
Yeah, Dino ditty, ditty-dum, ditty do.

We read Dinosaurs in the Treasury of Animal and Nature book by Learning Horizons. This book was a great review and end our dinosaur theme.

These last few weeks in school are also a time to review what we have learned throughout the year. Today we decided to have a little bit of fun with colors! We used three colors, blue, red, and yellow to make three more colors. The kids each picked two colors to start and each hand was painted a different color. Then they put those hand prints on the paper and then rubbed their hands together for the magic trick. That's right they made a new color!!! They loved it and thought it was awesome! Some of the kids knew what color they would get when their hands rubbed together, but it didn't make it any less cool!!! This was messy but so worth it.

After snack we moved onto fundamentals. We reviewed our ABC's and counted 1-20. We also reviewed the letter Qq and introduced the picture cards.

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