Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LadyBuGs Are CraWLinG On Me!!

Our morning class started our day coloring our letter Ss from Tuesday. The afternoon class was able to finish that already. The afternoon class did puzzles and matching games while waiting until class started.

LBQ- Have you ever held a ladybug? How did it feel?

Most all the children said that they had held a ladybug at least once and some even like fifty!!!! They said that ladybugs make your arms tickle, they are soft, and pretty. Next we all took turns holding a REAL ladybug. I caught one at my house right before school and was hoping that I could find more. But one seemed to be just enough after all. We also pretended to "play dead" just like ladybugs do when a predator is coming!!!!

Pledge/Weather/ Calendar
Ladybugs Facts
  • ladybugs are beetles
  • 4,000 different kinds of ladybugs around the world
  • active in Spring and Summer
  • not fast flyers
  • protect themselves by "playing dead"
  • eat aphids that could destroy the crops that we eat

After learning a few fun facts we sang a song as we passed along our paper ladybug we had made on Tuesday. We pretended our ladybug was a girl ladybug flying from each of us to one another.

Ladybugs Fly

Ladybugs fly, fly, fly

They fly over here, they fly over there,

They fly up high and they fly down low,

Around, and around, and around they go,

They fly really fast, and they fly really slow,

Ladybugs fly, fly, fly!

Next we read a great book called Red, Fiery, and Bright by Mia Posada. This is another fabulous book I have purchased through Scholastic books. After reading the book and discussing it we did our bug worksheet.This sheet was to help teach recognition and matching same items together. The directions were to circle and color the matching three items in a row.

After snack we went back to the pre-school room to review our fundamentals. Today was a good review for the colors pink and orange. This review helped us prepare for our Is it pink/orange? worksheet that we will do on Tuesday. We reviewed our letters and their sounds. Also reviewed today was colors and shapes.

The last project today before playtime was page four of our butterfly books. We are almost done with these and they will making their way home soon!!

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