Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Desert Creatures!!

February 19, 2009

After our welcome activity of blocks, we had our learning box question. What is your favorite desert creature? This was a great way to review the desert that we had started to talk about and read about from Tuesday. We had a coyote and a snake as our number one and two answers. They were all so excited to howl and hiss, this might be why they were the top answers!

After pledge/weather/calendar, we reviewed some pictures of desert creatures and introduced a few more to learn about. A few fun filled fact cards introduced a scorpion, Gila monster, and also a few species of cacti.

After the desert review we read a wonderful book called Cactus Hotel by Brenda Z. Guiberson. This is a great book and one to have on your shelf, especially since we live here in the beautiful Arizona desert!!! After looking at the pictures and talking about what we saw, we read the book. This is always so fun to see how excited they are when what they guessed about a page was right. A fun way to get kids to think more about the book is to ask what their favorite part was and why.

Next we cut and decorated our very own saguaro cactus. They all are getting so much better at cutting. This is great for all of us!!!!They glued their cactus on a white background paper and then cut out flowers to go on the cactus. Then they could add any desert features they wanted to their picture.

We also reviewed the letter Zz and the number 7. We played Is It 7? This is a fun for all and a great way to involve all in counting the objects on the card. We always end this game by having all of the children do their own worksheet. This is another great practice for cutting and counting. We all count together to figure out if we counted 7.

Last we had playtime! Boy are they so excited when they hear those words!!!

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