Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This morning was full of love and giggles. We all seemed extra excited about Valentine's Day and our party today. We started our morning coloring our valentine memory game pieces. We reviewed that the pieces that looked the same should be colored the same so they would match.
LBQ-Who is your valentine today? Most answers were about loving someone and playing with them and giving them hearts. Also we mostly heard about mom and dad and giving more hearts!!!!

Pledge/ Weather/Calendar

We also colored our letter Kk alphabet sheets and reviewed our Kk pictures.

Today we sang a cute song to the tune of, Fr ere Jacques, Be My Sweetheart.
Be my sweetheart, be my sweetheart, Valentine, Valentine
Hearts are all around us, hearts are all around us.
Please be mine. Please be mine.
Be my sweetheart, be my sweetheart, I love you, I love you.
I will always love you, I will always love you.
Valentine, Valentine.

Next we each picked a heart from a bag that had physical movements printed on them. For example a few were flex your muscles 10 times, jump up and down 4 times, and nod your head 2 times. This was a great way to get up and move!!!!

After moving and shaking we then read a cute story. It was called Celebrating Valentine's Day, My Special Valentines by Kimberly Roark. The book was great in showing different ways people can show us love. Mom can tuck you in at night, dad can help you learn to tie your shoes, and your teacher can help you learn to read.
Just before snack we wrote our names on our Special Delivery hearts and decorated them so they could dry in time to wear home. After a great snack from Cade, whose 4th birthday was the very next day, we then got ready to have our party!!! We then went back into the pre-school room so we could pass out our valentine's and celebrate!!!!

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