Thursday, February 19, 2009

We love you Arizona!

Today after welcoming with some puzzles and calendar time, we introduced our Desert/AZ theme. We read Way Out West Lives a Coyote Named Frank by Jillian Lund. The kids had fun seeing Frank and his friends and their adventures with other desert creatures. They even howled at the moon a little. :)

After the book we did a writing activity. "_________ and _________" are my friends. We always ask the children to write down any sounds they hear first then we help them finish the words. Some of them are able to write down a few sounds. Some are able to tell me a sound and we're still working on knowing what the letter looks like that goes with the sound.

We also learned how to make a heart! The kids folded a piece of pink paper in half and traced half of a heart and cut it out. They opened it and found a heart. They did really well with this activity.

During circle time we played mailbox math. The kids took turns choosing a number and counting out hearts to put in a mailbox. We reviewed our ABC's, then introduced Zz and colored our Zz coloring page.

The Letter Zz
to the tune of Frere Jacques
The letter Z. The letter Z. (make ASL sign for letter, showing one hand then the other)
Has a sound. Has a sound. (bring 1 hand to ear and then the other hand to the other ear)
What sound do you make? What sound do you make? (palms facing up, shrug shoulders)
/z/ /z/ /z/! /z/ /z/ /z/! (Make ASL sign for letter, move hand forward and backward for each sound)

We also reviewed our shapes.

I put my hands together, this is how I start.
I curve my hands right around and I can make a heart!

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