Monday, February 2, 2009

Weather Review-What is your favorite???

January 29, 2009
Today was our last weather day so the day was full of review and completing our weather books.
LBQ-What is your favorite weather? Why?
Pledge/Weather/ Calendar

After calendar I asked all the kids a few weather riddles to see who could remember what we learned.
  • I'm puffy and white, floating un in the sky. I can change my shape before you eyes. I am...(cloud)
  • I's a bright yellow ball shining so bright. With you I share my heat and light. I am...(sun)
  • I fall from dark clouds down to the ground. I make lots of puddles for you to jump around. I am...(rain)
  • I keep you kite up in the sky. Although I'm unseen, you can feel me pass by. I am...(wind)
  • I am a could floating across the ground. It is hard to see when I am around. I am...(fog)
  • I'm a small ice crystal, shiny and white. When I cover the ground it is a beautiful sight. I am...(snow)
Next we read and discussed How's the Weather? by Rozanne Lanczak Williams. During our reading we talked about what clothes are usually worn during each type of weather.

We had three pages to finish in our weather books. First we colored our sun page and read the words. Next we colored and drew in rain drops for our rain page. After reading the words on this page, we did our last page for a foggy day. We colored and then placed a tissue paper over our people on the page and then painted glue over them so they would be hard to see.

After our snack we played our dressing for the weather game. The object was to pick a card that showed a piece of clothing or object and place it under the correct type of weather. For example, the mittens went under the snow, and the kite under the wind.

At the end of class just before playtime we reviewed all our fundamentals for the month. We looked at the letters W, I, and U. We sang our oval song and played I spy to find colors blue or white around the room.

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