Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Raining!! It's Pouring!!!

January 27, 2009

LBQ- Do you like the rain? Why or why not? Most of the answers were yes. Many kids said that they loved to play in the puddles and catch rain drops in their mouth. These were perfect answers for what we would be doing later in the class! It was like they knew what we were going to do!!

I had a small bucket and sponge and after we discussed the rain we all got to see how rain clouds formed. We dropped our sponge in the water and watched it soak up the water. This sponge representing the clouds filling with moisture. Then I held it up and slowly squeezed all the water out. This was the clouds releasing the moisture and raining on the earth. Each one of the kids loved this and they all put their arms under the sponge to get rained on!!!

Pledge/ Weather/ Calendar were next.

After this we sang a fun song about the rain. (Many of you may recognize this song from Barney the dinosaur)

If all the rain drops
were lemon drops and gum drops
oh, what a rain that would be!
Standing outside with my mouth open wide
Singing, Ah, ah, ah
ah, ah, ah,
ah ,ah, ah, ah
If all the rain drops
were lemon drops and gum drops
Oh what a rain that would be!!

We then read Rain Song by Lezlie Evans. We love to look at the pictures first before reading the words and guess what we think the story will be about. Then we read it and talk about our favorite parts.

After our story we did another page of our weather books. Today we glued on our snowflakes and read all of our pages we have done so far. We wanted to do our foggy page but we used a little too much glue and our pages needed to dry first. We decided to save them for Thursday to complete.

Thanks for our yummy snacks Jacob and Ian. We are so thankful all of you parents are so willing to take a turn bringing snack. We are seeing lots of healthy snacks make their way to pre-school and we are glad!

Our puddle hop came next. We had a room filled with "puddles" after our rain and we all jumped and danced in them. We talked about jumping over them and on them. This was lots of fun!

We then counted rain drops falling from our cloud. Each one had a turn drawing a number and then counting the right number of rain drops to fall from the cloud. We reviewed our fundamentals before our last project. We finished our day coloring our, Is it white? Is it blue? worksheet.


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